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Leading vehicle graphics company in Thanet on-hand to sign-write your unbranded vehicles.

Your new company van is ready to go…

Looking like any other white van man doesn’t do your company justice but making the time to get it sorted is a big hurdle.

Problem #1

You don’t look as professional as you could be

Problem #2

You fear you are missing out on potential business

Problem #3

You aren’t recognised as a local brand

Imagine pulling up to a job in your sign-written van, the client sees you through the window knowing exactly who you are and what you do and so do the neighbours, who may buy from you too.

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The 24-hour Vehicle Graphics Plan

Helping professional companies get beautiful vehicle graphics in 24 hours so they can attract more business without being off the road.

Keep your van on the road with out of hours service

Looks great with no returning to fix peeling

Your new graphics will last as long as your van does

Get noticed and attract more leads with professional design

vehicle process stage 01
Stage 01


We check and adjust the design making sure you get the ideal vinyl for your vehicle.

  1. Colour matching
  2. Design checks
  3. Vehicle measure
Stage 02


Preparing the vinyl is a time consuming job and important for a fast application and exactly as designed.

  1. Vinyl print
  2. Vinyl cutting
  3. Prepare
vehicle process stage 02
vehicle process stage 03
Stage 03


You will collect a shiny van complete with perfect vehicle graphics that you won’t be able to fault.

  1. Clean
  2. Placement
  3. Polish

Start a conversation with an industry pro you can trust

Vehicle graphics printing service features

  • 7 year vinyl guarantee
  • Colour matched vinyl
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • Expert application
  • Solid colour vinyl used
  • Creative design service
  • No vinyl shrinking or glue marks

About us

Thanet's First Choice for Vehicle Graphics

Trust that your commercial vehicles are in the best of hands when you hire Graphical Sign to apply your vehicle graphics. 

More than 20 years working with graphics for both small and large vehicles have given us the expertise to ensure than you get a perfect finish and look like the top professional you are.

  • 100’s of vehicles sign written
  • Metamark vinyl UK Supplier
  • Fleet & haulage vehicle graphics supplier
  • 20+ years in vehicle graphics


Comfortex Trust their Manchester wagons with us

Ray originally commissioned us to sign-write their vehicles back in 2003 in Manchester. Since then their haulage fleet has grown to over 14 vehicles and they still trust us to apply their vehicle graphics, even though we are hundreds of miles away.

"We have been using Graphical Sign for all of our haulage vehicles for years"

Fleet & haulage vehicle graphics

We offer a competitive and professional service helping companies with multiple vehicles or even larger wagons and trailer. 

Get started

Give your van a branded uniform that will last for years and get you business.

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Vehicle graphics consultation

Send Rob your details for a brief chat about your requirements.

Your personal data will be used to respond to your enquiry as per our privacy policy

No peel or no deal

We will repair or replace any peeled or cracked vinyl caused by installation or material defect.

Frequently asked questions

This should help you answer some of the main questions; otherwise, just ask.






Need more help? Call us on 020 3735 5609 or send us a message here.

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